Firearms Licensing

  • LTC and FID Applicant Information

    All applicants must read the following before completing the application.

    Please read all sections of this application before you complete it. All sections must be completed in full detail before consideration is made for application or renewal. Note: DO NOT fill in section labeled FTN or LIC#

    Every question on every page requires a response unless it is stated “optional”. Acceptable responses are as follow: (YES), (NO), (NONE), (N/A). Details must be provided when asked.

    All personal data must be completed: height, weight, build, hair color, eye color, social security #, etc….A reason for applying or renewal must be given on all applications, such as: “For All Lawful Purposes Under this Class”

    All applicants shall provide at least two valid forms of proof of Salisbury residency, such as: driver’s license, vehicle registration, tax bill, utility bill, voter registration, etc. All non-resident owners of a business in Salisbury, must provide the above, and a letter and/or proof of business ownership.

    Please read Question #10 carefully! Any uniform traffic offense citation, which you have been charged by the police with and subsequently received with “criminal application” and/or “arrest” checked, are criminal offense[s]! As a result, this would have required you to have appeared in court as a defendant.

    If your application is not fully filled out, not signed or missing information, it will not be considered. After your application has been reviewed and found to be in good order, you will be contacted for an appointment at the police station.

    The application fee is only to be paid at the time of license processing (appointment at police station). Payment shall be in the form of either: cash, check, money order, treasurers check, etc. NO DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS accepted!!! All checks and other orders for money shall be made payable to the TOWN OF SALISBURY.

    Thank you,
    Sergeant Steven Sforza

  • Licensing Information

  • Due to the increased number of requests the Commonwealth has a backlog in processsing their portion of the licenses, delays may be as long as three (3) months.

    Call Sergeant Sforza at 978-465-3121

    • When submitting your initial application, you must include a certificate of completion from a Massachusetts certified “Basic Firearms Safety” instructor. *Safety course is not required for FID mace/ pepper spray *

    • A safety certificate is not required for a renewal license or renewal FID card.

    • At this time, we do not accept debit or credit cards for payment of the licensing fee.

    Please make all checks and/or money orders payable to:Town of Salisbury.
    See fee schedule in Licensing Office.

    • Any omissions, incomplete and/or inaccurate statements or any non-truthful statements will result in your application being denied. The Salisbury Firearms Licensing Bureau will send you a letter of denial via the U.S. Postal Service. There is no-refund of the license fee. You may re-apply after 90 days with a new application.

    • Any appeals made to the Chief of Police must be in writing and within a reasonable period of time. You may also appeal at the District Court Department at Newburyport Division, within ninety days.

    • Following the completion of your licensing application process, you may wait up to 2 to 3 months for your new license to be sent to you at your mailing address. Any further questions or concerns, please contact:

    Sergeant Steven Sforza at 978.465.3121 or at:

    FID or LTC Application

    Summary of the 1998 Massachusetts Gun Control Legislation