Animal Control

Salisbury Animal Control

Salisbury Animal Control falls under the direction of the Salisbury Health Department.

REMINDER: Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 15 to September 15

For animal related emergencies please dial 911

Emergency Complaints require an immediate response from the Animal Control Officer or Police Department where an animal is in danger or there is an active or potential threat to public safety.

Examples of emergency complaints include:

  • Domestic or wild animal hit by car and injured;
  • Canine bite, attack or mauling in progress;
  • Potentially rabid animal having contact with human or domestic animal;
  • At large dog acting vicious, or posing threat to a human or other animals ;
  • Animals attacking each other;
  • Animals in traffic flow;

Non-emergency complaints include anything that does not require an immediate response from the Animal Control Officer or Police Department.  Non-emergency animal complaints will be handled during business hours M-F 8am-4pm.

For non-emergencies, please call our business line at 978-465-3121 or email the ACO

Examples of non-emergency complaints include:

  • Nuisance or noise complaints;
  • Dead animals on the side of road or in public areas not disrupting traffic;
  • Loose or lost domestic animals;
  • Wildlife in homes or areas around residences;
  • Violations of animal control ordinances, not posing threats to public safety;

Complaints Involving Wildlife:  The ACO does not respond to complaints of wildlife except in the case of the animal being hit or injured by a car, having had contact with a domestic animal or person and suspected of having rabies, blocking traffic or posing an imminent threat to public safety.  Wildlife found inside or outside a resident’s property is the responsibility of the resident. In such cases residents should contact a pest or animal removal service at their own expense.

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